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About the Team

We are a group of critical thinkers. Our mission is to meet you where you’re at. There is more than one way to the top of the mountain. No two people are alike, and your therapy reasonably reflects this. After all, it’s about you!

Lloyd Greenfield

LCSW, Founder

Ciara Van Wormer


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  • I am a native of Colorado Springs. I started my practice back in 2015. From there I have grown both personally and professionally. I have expanded offices to meet the needs of our Colorado Springs community by adding two brilliant clinicians to my staff. In my life, my wife and I have expanded from our two poodles to having two beautiful boys.

    As I see it, just like therapy, there is always something to grow from, expand and optimize meaning my work on myself and improving treatment outcomes with clients is never done.

    Often when people ask me what I do, I tell them I fish. The next question is usually “No, really. What do you do for work?” When I tell people that I am a psychotherapist one of two things happen. People say “Welp, I’m done talking.” Or they walk away. The second thing to happen is there are more questions. “That means you talk?” “What is that?” “So, I have daddy issues?” “Do you think this is crazy (fill in blank).” Or they start delving into their own history. All these responses are normal and understandable. Therapy has a complicated history as a practice and usually people have their own history with it too. Primarily, filled with hurt. Reasonably, one doesn’t take therapy lightly. Therapy is a discussion of your existence. How well will you live or how you won’t. Therapy is a unique answer to wanting to feel something different. There are not many places where you delve into the depths of your soul with a stranger. Sometimes it makes it a million times easier because therapists don’t live life with you, it is completely private, and therapists might have a completely different take on the same problem providing insight when it might feel insurmountable. The conversation is about you. What could be more important than that?

  • Rachel Macias (she/her/hers) has worked in the arena of mental health for over 10 years within a variety of unique settings. Growing up in a small town in Texas, Rachel grew a passion to explore and help people in any way she can. After graduating from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, Rachel served as a City Year Corp member in San Antonio, Texas working as a tutor/mentor for middle school, inner-city youth. Following her drive for service, Rachel served as a Community Health Volunteer with the United States Peace Corps, living in Mozambique for two years, working with activists living with HIV/AIDS, and leading an adolescent girls group focusing on empowerment. Wanting to explore deeper into mental health, Rachel moved to the Big Island, Hawaii to work as a program guide at a wilderness therapy program called Pacific Quest, working with adolescents struggling with suicidal idealization, depression, and anxiety. She then decided it was time to get her master’s, so she moved to San Antonio, Texas and earned her master’s in social work at the University of Texas at San Antonio. While attending UTSA, Rachel worked full-time as a Medical Case Manager at The San Antonio AIDS Foundation assisting individuals with navigating life with HIV/AIDS both physically and emotionally. Currently Rachel is working as an Elementary School Social Worker/Counselor and meeting with people evenings and weekends for psychotherapy here in the beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.

    Rachel is equipped to work with any age, gender, and background, utilizing a client-centered approach to ensure any individual in her office feels seen and heard. Combing compassion and humor, Rachel understand the importance of meeting people where they are at, walking with them side by side on their mental health journey. In her free time Rachel spends it with her husband Stephen enjoying the outdoors, eating good food, listening to live music, and fighting over dumb things.

  • Do you often find yourself stuck in memories from the past and struggling to make sense of the emotions they leave you with? Working with a qualified therapist to address your mental health symptoms can bring significant relief and insight into yourself. I am currently working toward my clinical social work license in Colorado. I chose to become a mental health professional to help others heal, grow, and feel empowered in their daily life. My areas of specialization include working with children, teens, and families, and treating PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I have been working with children, teens, adults, and families since graduating from the University of Kansas in 2020 with a master’s of social work degree. Trust and transparency are vital components of the therapeutic alliance between therapist and client, and I work to build those components by being honest, open, and straight-forward in my practice.