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Just for Fun

“Green(er)field’s Project”

A couple of years ago, Allan thought it would be a good idea to have a television show where we would follow him around with a camera having fun. He wanted to call it “Fun with Al.” This is a small contribution to fulfill that dream. What inspired this project was the sheer volume of people we have seen and treat that do not have fun. In the biz we call this anhedonia. It means to not draw pleasurable experiences from activity. We have found that people who are depressed do not have fun, do not seek it out, and find ways to sustain the experience we commonly define as depression. We believe it is much harder to be depressed when you are having fun. This page on our website will be dedicated to our weekly pursuit to have fun in our lives. We have decided that it would be good to share our fun and encourage you to share to if you wish. We will post intermittently our adventures and hopefully inspire others to find enjoyment in their daily experiences.


For the first post it seems fitting to make it about fishing. We go fishing quite a bit. When we’re not working, rain or shine, we are usually fishing. In fact it is Allan’s favorite past time. There are pictures of me in a stroller with a rod in my hand. On this particular outing we were stream fishing just outside of Woodland Park. Allan caught upwards of 30 fish (no joke), and me a good day of 7. The picture above is Allan’s tiger trout. For those of you who don’t know, the tiger trout is a cross hybrid between a brown and brook trout.