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This is an introduction to getting help for your emotional and physical well being. Deciding to get help can be a scary experience. For most people, it is unpredictable and unknown. Others find reaching out for help to be frightening because of past experiences with friends, family or even with other health professionals where maybe they were hurt. Whether you decide to work with us or not, we hope this website helps in you feeling better

There are two basic types of psychotherapy, diagnosis driven and individualized:

Diagnosis driven

Diagnosis driven therapy, as the name implies focuses upon what is determined to be wrong with the patient and altering behaviors and sometimes thoughts so that the patient no longer exhibits indicators of illness.


The second approach to psychotherapy is treat each individual as unique, meaning treatment is designed for each individual’s experience.

Determining what the therapist and the patient are to do is based upon an agreement between the therapist and the patient. We fall into the second category. However, this is not say that if you do have a diagnosis that it is necessarily wrong. Some people experience symptoms that can be arranged to meet the criteria meeting a diagnosis. But, not everyone experiences the same exact symptoms that fulfill the same disorder. The individual is still the individual so we intend to treat you as unique and special if you decide to work with us to create a treatment plan together to meet your specific needs.

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